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Standard year







Reading the date must be as easy as reading the time.

From this principle, Edouard Vitrant proposes that the measure of the year's time should have to be rethought.

Do we change our watch every morning? That would never occur to us. And for good reason: from one day to the next we preserve the same reference points. Each day begins at zero hour and finishes at midnight. Every hour is made up of sixty minutes, every minute of sixty seconds, and so forth.

And yet we change our calendar every year... And for good reason: two consecutive years do not begin on the same day, two consecutive months do not either, the months do not last the same number of days, the causes of time-lag grow in number in a perverse way to make us lose our bearings. From one year to the next we do not know how to organize our time, our work, our leisure activities: weekends, extra days, holidays, everything is turned upside down. In all, fourteen different patterns of year are possible.

And we do not think of becoming aware of the absurdity of such an organization. Such is the force of habit.

Generally accepted ideas are to be knocked out. The sexagesimal calendar uses the same base of 60 as are measured the minutes and hours, and thus organizes the year in continuation with the day so as to obtain only one standard year, forever the same (as there is only one standard day).

The aim? To make life simpler. Thank you Edouard Vitrant!

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